Rezidence Veselská s.r.o.
Beranových 140
Praha 18
199 03
company identification No.: 27651657

Company incorporated in the Companies Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 121672.

Rezidence Veselská s.r.o. belongs to the group of Odien Real Estate, a.s., aim of which is construction of development project Veselská Residence in Letňany. Construction will include 367 apartments. In the 1st stage 100 residential units will be built and part of it will be also construction of the nursery school on the 1st floor of the building.

Odien Group became in 2005 majority shareholder of AVIA, a.s. and the company generally transformed into the present form. AVIA, a.s. was renamed in April 2015 to Odien Real Estate, a.s. Company operates in investments in real estates and development, management and maintenance of real estate and business and energy distribution.

Division of development has been representing one of main activities of the company since 2007. Having approximately 65 hectares of lands in Prague it is one of the biggest owners of lands in the capital city. Aim of the company is to change such areas gradually into attractive and functionally suitably designed new areas determined for relaxing, housing or work and for sporting, social and other activities.


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Beranových 140
Praha 9 – Letňany, 199 03

Beranových 140
Praha 9 – Letňany, 199 03

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