Payment schedule

Oral reservation

is not binding for three business days. Condition is to provide the client’s name and his/her contact data. During the oral reservation it is necessary to conclude the Reservation Agreement.

Written reservation

is binding and it is created by conclusion of the Reservation Agreement. Reservation fee amounts to CZK 50,000 and it is a part of the purchase price of the apartment. Client shall pay the reservation fee within five business days from conclusion of the Reservation Agreement.

Purchaser, who is a consumer, is entitled to out-of-court solution of consumer disputes in accordance with Section 20d et seq. of the Consumer Protection Act, and the subject competent for such out-of-court solution is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (

Future Purchase Agreement

client shall pay deposit amounting to 10% of the purchase price of the apartment. In this Agreement the future purchaser and the future seller undertake, under which conditions they will conclude the purchase agreement.

Purchase Agreement

specifies precisely subject of transfer and its price and shall be concluded between the client and seller after the final acceptance and assignment of registration No.. Before signing of the Purchase Agreement, the client shall pay the supplementary payment of the purchase price.


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